A commuter bike lane in New York looks much different after a massive restoration project

Made in America: The Fixer got to work to fix a messed up ride.

Key points: After the 27-day closure caused by a three-alarm fire, the bike lane reopened on the West 7th street side. The construction crew shored up the sidewalk and made the new bike lane 10 feet wider, allowing for cross-over traffic. They also tore up the existing bike lane and made it smaller so bikes could share the same space with pedestrians.

This week the Sewel Place (under New York City’s Bleecker Street), toppled brickwork and under-restored brick was filled back in.

Sewel Place was torn up and the under-restored brick was filled back in. The owner, Anton Fome, was waiting for a demolition permit.

Once the cleanup was done, the repair work was done.

There were some issues with the restoration. Parts of the brickwork were missing and obscured part of the future bike lane. In order to make the brick walkway look more natural, the repair crew took out so much of the brick that sections of street were not visible. Faced with the challenge of having to sandblast parts of the brick under the scaffolding, the same crew took out the bricks one piece at a time and took them outside while it was still wet.

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