Icahn's 'secretive' tax-deductible donations


Icahn’s ‘secretive’ tax-deductible donations

When billionaire Carl Icahn revealed his new charitable organization on 1 January, he made a splash. But his move also drew a backlash from another U.S. billionaire, Warren Buffett, who asked Icahn to publicly…

Nubal's promise: Italy's dream golf resort


Nubal’s promise: Italy’s dream golf resort

After two months of high winds, torrential rain and sunshine, a swathe of coastline now serves as an island’s version of Royal Portrush. Known as Nubal in Sicily, this 7km stretch was voted the…

Controversy over AltaGas coal-fired power plant


Controversy over AltaGas coal-fired power plant

AltaGas and CCIA say collaborative works to reduce impacts on local people, but concerned First Nations deny that Alberta’s largest Indigenous advocacy group claims that the company operating a coal-fired power plant in the…